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God Centered FinancesHey there!  Thanks for visiting my site.  In case you’re wondering who I am I’ll tell you what I know.  First and foremost I am a follower of Jesus Christ as well as husband to Shawna and father to Devin, Skyler, and Kylee.  Beyond that I have an interesting mix of skills and experience in corporate, small business, and church environments.

In case you’re wondering why you should care who I am I’ll tell you that I believe in a multi-vocation approach to life.  That means I’m very busy fulfilling my vocations of husband, father, businessman, church and community volunteer, somewhat of an author and occasional speaker, and just trying to be a generally helpful and productive citizen.  The writing I do on this site could fall anywhere in that broad scope of life, and I hope that it is in some way helpful to you.

Enough about me.  Check out the blog and contact me if there is any way I can serve you.