All Inclusive Tool

It didn’t take long after getting married to realize we needed a way to track our actual spending transactions against our budget in order to have an accurate picture of how well we were sticking to the plan.  The problem is I tried it so many complicated ways before coming up with a very simple solution.  Get it here:

All Inclusive Budget Tool  (click to download)

Please keep in mind this method works for me but this file is a work in progress as a downloadable resource for anyone to use.  If it seems it’s broken just try downloading it again because chances are you typed over formulas…

Also included in this file are sheets for debt reduction planning, cost of interest on debt, non-monthly expense planning, and mini budget planning.  For most people it is extremely useful to have all this information in one place, thus the single file for all.

Since this is always a work in progress I’m completely open to feedback about how to make it better, so please do share.

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