Excellent movie! I took some me time last night and watched a movie by myself (because Shawna can’t handle war movies). 300 Spartans proved some points and made me think of a couple of things:

  • Spartans have a plan and they’re sticking to it. Don’t mess with any of them – men, women, and children alike. They will mess you up if you mess with them and their plans.
  • Don’t ever retreat. The 300 Spartans stood against unbelievable odds for days. This also makes me think about our troops overseas right now. They might not be facing unbelievable odds, but the opposition might see it as though they are facing terrible odds and they refuse to give up. I’ve been in support of the war for a long time but it seems like more suicide bombing idiots come out of the rockwork every day(that’s like woodwork here in southern US except they only have rocks over there).
  • Beware of traders. I won’t elaborate on that so I don’t ruin the movie in case you watch it. But if you do watch it beware of a couple of scenes that should be skipped through due to unnecessary exposure.
  • Politicians just might be hopeless. Again I won’t elaborate and ruin the movie. But it doesn’t matter how well the elite are raised (the Spartans were a very elite culture) there are still going to be leaders who make bad decisions.
  • Where did they find the guy that played the huge Persian God-King, or how did they make him look so huge? He looked 8 feet tall with hands bigger than Shaq.
  • Who would I be honored to live and fight beside? Who would I be honored to die beside in battle? I love the comraderie among soldiers and often wonder why I didn’t enlist.
  • I want to be tough like a Spartan. Those guys were laughing as arrows rained down on their shields, and still scrapping and talking smack with arrows in their chest. I had to go to the doctor yesterday with my wasp stung hand because I couldn’t get the swelling to go down. Some steroids and an antibiotic are making it better now. A Spartan probably would have just cut the stung finger off and burnt the wound shut. Now that’s tough.
  • I also want to be built like a Spartan. Every one of them are ripped – then again they were strategically bred and chosen at birth to be mighty warriors. Gotta double my efforts at the gym evidently…

Ok, back to reality. Time to get to work. I’ll just pretend I’ve got a spear, shield, and a sword on my side – even though they look a lot like a phone and a laptop and a wireless mouse…

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