What F3 Means to Me and Why Men Should Be There

When you receive an email from someone you trust that basically says there’s this cool new thing starting up that’s free (that gets everyone’s attention) and challenging exercise, but fun and for men… yeah – you pay attention to emails like that.  Why?  Because we men need those things – open opportunities to push ourselves physically and be real with each other the way men can only do when the ladies are not around (because we’re gentlemen of course).

So when I received such an email from a friend that I trust I checked what it was all about and was immediately interested.  Then I checked with my friend to see if he was going.  No?  Why?  Ok – those are almost understandable circumstances for sitting out for now – almost.  But he won’t be let off the hook that easy.  I’m gonna be on him like stink on… well – you know stink on guys, until he comes out to try what he informed me about in the first place.  Because it is just what every guy needs.  It is F3.

What is F3?  Read about it here.  It is basically freely organized groups of guys that get together in different places at different times for different things – but all centered around a workout, some quality fellowship, and open faith prayer and connection.  The over-arching purpose is the invigoration of male community leadership – which is much needed in our society.  Personally – F3 is an opportunity to push myself physically beyond what I will do in a gym.  It’s an opportunity to open up and be real with kindred spirits about life – to both encourage and challenge each other.  It’s an opportunity for us to openly and freely practice and share our faith regardless of what it is.

Not only does F3 give me an opportunity to share life with other men in a way that I greatly appreciate, it also gives me the opportunity to share these experiences with my 12 yr old son.  In a world where, to a large degree digital screens have taken the place of the great outdoors, it is a blessing to see my son enjoying healthy community with good men.  In a world where men’s ministry at churches is either non existent or the type of lameness young men laugh at, it is a joy to watch my son be pushed right along with me to be a stronger and better man.

Tell me where else you can go to get a free workout as great as the ones we do at F3, with as good of guys as the ones at F3, and with the mission of F3.  It doesn’t exist – except for F3.  So I challenge all my “real-man” friends – get your butt up and just try it at least one time.  If the 64yr old man I saw last week can do it then you have no excuse, and if my 12yr old son can do it you have no excuse.

Our local group meets at the Anderson Civic Center on Saturdays at 7am and at the McCants Middle School football field at 5:30am on Wednesdays.  Rain or shine – hot or cold – we will be there.  All you need is your weather-appropriate workout clothes and maybe some gloves for doing pushups and stuff.  Ask for “Crunchy” (that’s me) or “Reese’s Pieces” (my son) – so that the other guys know who you’re talking about.

As for my friend who invited me – thank you, and get your butt out there!  See you in the gloom (aka early morning)!!

@F3Anderson Launch Day 10-18-14

@F3Anderson Launch Day 10-18-14


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