A New Blogger Out There

I heard from a very reliable source that there is a new blogger out here in blog-world. It is the one and only Jake Beaty. You might recall my mention of him in these posts. Now I know some of you who read this blog might be wondering who that is and why you should care that he has a blog, so I’ll give you some reasons that I’m going to read his blog.

  • He and I have a couple of things in common – a passion for relationships and a love of basketball (he played b-ball in college so he loves that more than I do, but still…I love to play).
  • He is an outstanding teacher and counsellor on the subject of relationships and marriage and he communicates so well both speaking and writing.
  • God has blessed him and NewSpring with an amazing ministry for relationships. The Biblical material on relationships and marriage that Jake and his team have put together is so thorough and creative yet understandable and applicable. It’s the best I’ve ever seen and I’ve said it before on here – I’ve seen a lot as a preachers kid.
  • I’ve gotten to know him just a tiny bit through volunteering. He’s one that you don’t get to know very well unless you have an opportunity to spend some time around him (I’m kinda like that too – don’t initiate conversations very often). So I’m hoping his blog reveals more and more about him to get to know him better.
  • The best reason of all to read his blog is to give him comments and a lot of uplifting…because he’s really short and I think it makes him self conscious.

Anyway, go check out Jake Beaty .com. I know you won’t be disappointed.

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