A Thought About the Washington Monument This July 4th

For whatever reason the Washington Monument is coming to my mind this July 4th.  I thought of what monuments like that remind me of – our independence and the brave generations who fought to earn it and keep it throughout history.  Then I thought of the fact that construction was halted on the Washington Monument for years when there was a lack of funds as well as during the civil war.

It makes me wonder what the generation who built the Washington Monument would do now regarding the Freedom Tower.  Would they put that project on hold until funding was available?  Would they put it on hold until the war is over?  I know the Freedom Tower is important and all, and I can’t wait to see it one day, but something tells me there is an order of priority we should go by and while our national debt continues to nose-dive into the red we should step back and consider what priorities need to get pushed out so that more important ones can get finished and so that the debt-hole can stop getting deeper.

I sound like Debbie-Downer on such a positive holiday.  It is a blessing to be an American and I’m very thankful.  I will be celebrating just like everyone else.  But it doesn’t hurt to think back on the reasons for our holidays and the people from back then and the lessons we can learn from the principles they lived by.  Happy Independence Day to all.



  1. Well said Asbell. When are you going to run for Congress and fight the good fight?! If I lived in SC, you’d have my vote!

    • Michael – Thanks for the compliment. I’ve thought about running for office for a couple of seconds and I’ve come to the conclusion that if it was all about fighting for what is right I’d be glad to hold an office, but there is too much bull crap about who you know and who’s got money etc etc involved that I don’t think I am cut out for.

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