Advertising Idea

I liked this because I thought of a similar idea a few months ago, but of course I didn’t act on it. After all, what do I know and who would I call to make it happen?

Runway Ads

A U.K.-based company has found a new way to advertise – and it can only be seen from the air. The advertisers are about to deploy football-field-sized ads around airports to catch people’s eyes as their planes land or take off. The ads could even be lit up at night (where local laws allow it). The company behind the project says it has secured space in London, Geneva, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. The first ad will go up next to the Dubai airport next month.
(Source: Reuters)

The idea I had was to put similar advertising on buildings that surround airports – such as the large hotels and any other building large enough to see from the air. It’ll be interesting to see how they use the runway. 

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