All The Single Ladies

Warning to all the single ladies.  I just heard a couple of single guys talking negatively about getting married saying that all you’re really doing is combining debt.  Wow – what a great perspective.  While that might be true, many couples are starting out on the wrong foot with their debt load, it shouldn’t be a prevailing purpose for the context of starting a marriage.

If I could sit down with every single person before they get in to a serious relationship my advice for both the guys and girls would be WORK, GET OUT OF DEBT, GET YOUR SPENDING UNDER CONTROL, AND DEVELOP THE DISCIPLINE OF SAVING.  Then my next piece of advice would be to take notice of how generous any potential spouse is, because if they’re not generous as a single person chances are they won’t be generous in the marriage.

At least those guys are aware of the fact that money will cause issues in the marriage, but I hope they get in a better position and learn a better perspective before saying “I Do”.

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