All Three of My Bad Sides

One time Shawna and I were coaching a couple who started discussing the difficulty they have with their kids.  Don’t we all??  In this case the father spoke up and very honestly said “sometimes I feel like dealing with my kids is like dealing with all 3 of my bad sides”.  I have 3 kids too and I can totally relate to that statement.

Shawna and I had dinner with some friends recently and, once again, the subject of kids came up.  (When you’re parents anytime there is nothing else to talk about kids is an easy subject.)  In this conversation Shawna so kindly pointed out a couple of the obvious less than desirable things our two older kids have gotten from me.

For Devin it is the use of words like “crap” or “idiot” or “dad-gum-it” or worse.  I should point out here that I’ve never called my kids idiot or anything like that – it’s usually in a stupid (another bad word) moment of frustration with other drivers or something.

Skyler seems to have gotten my incredibly gentle sense of empathy.  We heard her tell someone to “get used to it” when they were upset about something.  That sounds a lot like my attitude at times.

That’s just the beginning of all my bad sides that I’m having to work on.  Thank goodness I don’t really have a kid for every one of my bad sides.  What about you?  What are your bad sides that your children show?

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