For about 29 years of my life I was for the most part allergy free. Now that I’m 30 it seems like I have a regular stream of snot coming out of my head.

There was a short span of my life when my dad and I got poison ivy every time we went to cut fire wood and we would have to bathe in calamine lotion for a week to get rid of it. If I recall correctly (I was very young – dad taught me to work at an early age) it only took about two years and probably three major poison ivy episodes for my parents to decide dad and I should seek medical assistance in this area (because the last thing we were going to do was avoid cutting firewood). So the doctor gave us a series of shots (I was a very tough kid) that basically gave us immunity to poison ivy. I’ve never had to worry about poison ivy from that time on, and for the most part I don’t recall ever having any other major allergy problems…until now – age 30.

It seems like for the last year or so I’ve been officially allergic to waking up. That’s what I’m declaring it until someone smart informs me or I take the time to educate myself on what the heck my morning problem is. I’m not talking about being allergic to GETTING up. I’m seriously saying I have a problem when I WAKE up. The normal half coherent rolling over in sleep type of ‘waking up’ doesn’t bother me. It’s only when I’m truly awakened in a way that my brain begins functioning on a conscious level – snot begins to flow out of my head. It’s like snot is the oil of my brain and my nose is the oil leak – brain cranks up and nose begins to leak.

For a while I thought maybe I’ve developed an allergy to dust or something, so we cleaned our room very thoroughly. Maybe it’s our dog sleeping in our room (on the floor on his own special bed – NOT in our bed – that’s another story). But it couldn’t be a dog allergy because I don’t have this sneezy snotty problem in the middle of the day when I’m around dogs – or dust either for that matter. I’ve ridden this thing out for at least a year, making it through every season, just to confirm it isn’t pollen or whatever other seasonal allergies. Nope – none of that explains this snotty phenomenon I only experience when I truly wake up from sleep.

I’m wide open to professional explanations from anyone who will be so kind to explain. Until then or until I do some research I’m officially diagnosing myself as allergic to waking up.

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