Are You Interested in ‘Green’?

In the line of work I do I deal with large companies who are targeted for environmental awareness or save the planet or reduce global warming or whatever it’s being called at the moment.  Currently ‘Green’ seems to be the major buzz word along with ‘sustainability’ etc etc. 

Last week we talked about ‘green’ in every meeting we had with clients.  It seems some are being pushed more than others to become green in terms of materials they use or recycling initiatives they promote.  Everyone is aware of it though – whether they’re being pushed now or not – because they know it is coming.  It’s a big initiative right now.  I noticed the TV networks are even encouraging ‘green’ by coloring their emblem’s green and including ‘green’ content in programs such as The Biggest Loser. 

What is surprising to me though is how little recycling is promoted in the south.  It’s been 7 years since I lived in Atlanta so I don’t know if it is being promoted more down there (Atlanta is usually how I gauge where the south is on the learning curve of a lot of things – so southerners don’t look completely stupid all the time).  If it is being promoted more in ATL I’m not hearing it.  I just know that here in the great city of Anderson, SC I don’t see any push for recycling – except for two couples out of all the people we know here who actually recycle, but one of those admits that it is so much trouble sometimes their garbage ends up un-recycled anyway. 

ON THE OTHER HAND, or coast, I’ve heard through the grapevine that the more westerly (‘tree huggers’) states are doing a much better job encouraging recycling and making it easier to participate in recycling.  I don’t know any of the real details firsthand that make these other places so much better at recycling but I’m certainly curious about it. 

Why isn’t recycling going on here like it is in other places?  What would it take to make recycling a successful initiative in places that aren’t pushing it?  

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