Baptismal Tailgate Party and Gametime

I mentioned here that NewSpring was doing a tailgate party for the next Baptismal service. It was Saturday and it was as big as the tailgater scene at a football game. I can’ t even begin to describe it. The parking lot was full of vehicles all the way around the building (including some large RV’s – one of which was probably worth over a million dollars) and there were grills and tents and plenty of playing around – until the Baptizing got started. It was awesome – over 500 people Baptized, some of which I know personally and that is always special to know and share in someones proclamation that they are a Jesus freak – like we all are at NewSpring. Check out some pics here on Tony’s blog – he didn’t even get the RV’s though. Will has some shots from the County Sheriff helicopter that was there for the festivities – it circled overhead several times taking pics. Also, here is an article from the local newspaper. This should have been on the local TV news…

Also, the Game Time series was started yesterday. And as I write this and check for references on other blogs I’m noticing that I’m not saying anything new, so here – check Tony’s post for the details of what is next for NewSpring, which is what Game Time is all about. The only concern I have that might have already come up is – Is the plan for 1000 seats in the youth facility too small?? I thought the same thing about the Greenville campus but Perry said we would just add another one when that one fills up. But what about the youth facility? I think that thing will be full before it’s finished. Am I the only one who thinks that? 

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