Basketball Love – Watching the Finals

Anyone who knows me more than a day probably knows that I love sports, particularly basketball.  And anyone who knows me more than a week knows that I like to PLAY sports more than watching on TV, particularly basketball.  So right now with the NBA Finals in progress I am compelled to watch.  I could care less which teams are playing or who wins but I love to watch the game (although I’m leaning towards the Heat because I like D. Wade and Lebron is a freak of nature that is just fun to watch).

My wife likes basketball too, not loves – likes.  She doesn’t share my interest in playing and she doesn’t enjoy the game enough to watch teams she doesn’t like.  She is a Lakers fan.  If they aren’t playing she isn’t watching.

The whole playoffs I might have watched part of two or three different games, but never really got into it.  When the finals started though I became engaged.  I want to watch.  Even though Shawna doesn’t like to watch teams she doesn’t care about she knows I love the game.  So during these playoffs Shawna is does what I’m sure all great wives are doing – she snuggles up next to me while I watch.  She plays on her ipod the whole time but I don’t care.  She’s next to me and we’re relaxing.  Sometimes that’s all we need. (not a substitute for date nights though)

When is the last time you did something with your spouse that might not be your favorite thing but you did it just to be with them and share something that is interesting or important to them?

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