Everyone in our family has a bike and it’s so exciting. I’ve been wanting to get bikes for Shawna and me for a few years but it just hasn’t been a priority in the finances until recently. I got one for me, then Shawna, and I even got a little one that might make it til Kylee is big enough.

The reason I got the little one is because Devin & Skyler went straight from big-wheels to 16″ bikes. They should have gotten 12″ bikes first so their legs could reach the ground. We’ve been trying for months to get Devin to ride without training wheels but he just wouldn’t do it. Some of our friends kids learned how at younger ages on smaller bikes, so we thought maybe Devin would succeed if we back up and get a smaller bike for him to try. It worked!!

We only had the small bike out for about 2 hours and he had already gotten it pretty much down-pat. He rode that little bike a couple of more days before it got ran over in the driveway (it was left behind the van – another lesson Devin learned – not to leave the bike behind the van). I think I salvaged it for Skyler to learn on (she doesn’t want to try yet), but we’ll see – it was broken pretty bad.

It was so exciting seeing Devin take off without training wheels. After the little bike was run over it gave me a good reason to be tough dad and make him try his big bike without the training wheels. It was no problem. He took off like a champ and is getting better every day. We ride through our little neighborhood together all the time. We have one of those little caboose things that a friend gave us and I haul Skyler in it behind my bike when she doesn’t want to ride her own. It’s a new fun family activity we can do – and I love it. 

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