Birthday Pictures

If you didn’t read yesterday’s post scroll down and do that first so you know that these pictures took place on my birthday and then on my party day. 

IT SNOWED on my birthday (white birthday). Actually it sneeted (snow/sleeted), but in the south that is considered snow. Any time we get the white stuff of course we have to play in it, so here is Devin…

Devin played.

I worked – on a large snowman.
Devin also took great humor in throwing snowballs at me while I worked. Actually they were iceballs – so it wasn’t all that funny – especially to him when I threw one back.

Here’s Devin and I beside the snowman. That center iceball felt like about 300 lbs, but it was probably really only about 150-200.

 Here is Skyler with her own little inside snowman. She wasn’t feeling well so she had to stay inside.

Here we are with the little gifts the kids got me.

Here is the snowman probably 5 days later after all the snow was gone. I don’t know if this was snowman-inator or if it got all its indestruct qualities from the mixture of elements that was in it, whic included snow, ice, dirt, grass, and dog crap (compliements of Rascal – and I’m not joking I saw it getting rolled up in the snowball as I rolled it).

 Ok, now to the party. Lots of peeps were there.

As a matter of fact, there were peeps from near and far.
Counting children and all there were just over 40 peeps.
Here’s me still in shock and I’m pointing at people who I should have known were up to something earlier in the week.
We had good food and fun.
More fun.
You see that guy at the very end of the table in the baby blue shirt? That’s Roberto – one of the owners of Fiesta Mexican Restaurant – one of our favorite places to eat. Roberto was in on the surprise too. I’ll have to get Roberto back somehow. If you don’t already eat at Fiesta please go experience the wonderful food and service Roberto and team have to offer.
Here’s my cake. If you can’t read that it is a picture of the grim reaper saying “Relax, I’m Just Here For The Cake”. All the jokes come out for turning 30.
And for those who got to come to the party after the party here is an exciting game of Pounce. If you don’t know what that is you don’t know what you’re missing, but it can be stressful if you get too serious. I had won 3 times in a row playing on different nights one game at a time. This was the second game of this night and my partner and I came in last. I guess I just couldn’t take that much pressure in one night or something.
It was a blast. Thanks to all who came. If you couldn’t make it I understand but you sure missed a great party. Sorry if anyone was overlooked on the invite. Shawna put this together in a week and had to do it without me knowing it. I was very impressed. Unfortunately there are no pictures of my beautiful bride in all these but that is because she was working so hard making all this happen – and she is nine months pregnant. Before we know it there will be new baby pictures on this blog…

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