Camping Mirror

You know you have a princess when you need a camping mirror.

The other night I was playing with the kids and Shawna was browsing the net for Christmas gift ideas. She said something to me about what did I want for Christmas. A few years ago if I was asked that question I would have a list ready to read off. These days I’m a lot more simple but I find myself throwing different things out at different times to different people instead of a list all at once. I know I’m weird.

So I told Shawna, “The kids and I need some camping equipment so we can go camping.” I’ve seriously been wanting to do that for a while now. I think Devin would love that kind of thing (unlike me who would rather play anything with a ball) so I want to take him camping. We have a tent and sleeping bags but none of the other stuff that makes it a real and exciting camping experience.

Since I was playing with the kids at the moment this conversation was going on with Shawna I got them involved in the conversation. I asked them, “What all do you think we might need to go camping in the woods where there is no light and no water?” That is when the interesting list started to build. I should have written it down.

We talked about everything from a portable table and hot chocolate to the mini Jeep brand TV/Radio gadget that runs on batteries (that was a gift I’ve only used once when I took the kids ‘camping’ in the back yard) and a telescope so we could look at the stars (Devin’s idea). But the funniest one to me was when Skyler said “We’ll need a mirror!” in that prissy tone she uses. You had to be there. It was precious, hilarious, and rotten all in one moment.

Looks like I’ll be taking the princess ‘camping’ at the Holiday Inn Express. 

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