Catalyst 2008

Last week I had the opportunity to go to this conference. It was excellent – there is no other word for it. Here are some quick highlights:
  • The biggest floam ball you’ve ever seen. 12,000 people were there, everyone had a piece of floam. Put them all together and it had to be the largest ball of floam ever formed.
  • One of the MC’s, Lanny Donoho, was crazy. At different times throughout the event he did lots of crazy stuff, including bringing in a pig, a donkey, an elephant, a bus, and he did a hilarious video with Jeff Foxworthy.
  • Jeff Foxworthy was there talking about ministry he’s been a part of – thought that was really cool.
  • They had a group of those guys who do slam dunks off the trampolene and they did high-flying dunks to raise $10,000 for Hoops of Hope

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