Chick-Fil-A Cow Commercials

Unless you’ve been living in a bomb shelter since the the cold war or something you know about Chick-Fil-A and their popular ‘save the cows’ advertising campaign. Whoever came up with that ad campaign is brilliant and hopefully has made a lot of money and advancement in their career.

However, lately I’ve begun noticing the use of the cows to deliver a message is less and less effective (at least in my opinion). It’s almost like they’re running out of creative ways to use the cows.

One day last week I traveled to Raleigh, NC and back all in one day for three meetings I had up there. Altogether I was in the car about 10 hours that day (and worked about 7 – it was a long day) so I listened to quite a bit of radio. Therefore I heard a lot of commercials – the good, bad, and ugly ones.

As I make the drive from my house to Raleigh I have to tune in to at least three, maybe four, different radio stations because I drive out of range of them. It is amazing to me how the worse a radio station is the worse their commercials are. It’s like an unofficial rule of radio and I can almost anticipate it as I flip radio channels and hear the type of music and the DJ. I’m usually not surprised and therefore rarely disappointed – just normally bummed that I’m in an area with nothing better to tune in to.

But I was so disappointed to hear the Chick-Fil-A commercial where the cows are supposedly suing somebody for something – I don’t even remember what it was but it was stupid. (There you go – I’m drawing a blank and can’t even remember what they were suing about – that’s how ineffective the commercial is). In my opinion it was probably the worst cow commercial I’ve ever heard on the radio. I’m not sure why I hate that idea so bad. Is it the fact that they are making the cows take an offensive against people or just the fact that they’re using an already abused system in our country – lawsuits… I can’t pinpoint what triggered in my mind, but I didn’t like the commercial at all.

I love Chick Fil A, their food, their philosophy, the Truett Cathy story, their success in general… I like that it is upscale for fast food dining, the service is good, the environment is clean and comfortable, etc. Anyone can appreciate the cow campaign and how creative someone was to even come up with that. As for me personally I really hope they can find ways to keep that campaign alive with more of the simple creativity that made it a success in the first place – cows basically begging for mercy with their signs and mis-spelled words by desparately attempting to persuade humans to Eat Mor Chikin. Keep it somewhat simple – they’re cows. At least don’t make them do something stupid like sue people. 

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