Planning for Christmas 2011

Christmas is coming on December 25th again this year!  Seems to always be on December 25th.  I hope you remembered that and more importantly I hope you have a plan.

Are you going to work together to decide what gets funded and what doesn’t?

The spenders will spend everything in the bank plus some by using the credit card.  They don’t care if it takes until Christmas 2012 to pay off Christmas 2011 as long as everyone gets what they want and they are happy.  The spender wants to live in the moment as though it is their last.

The savers would rather hide money, recycle gifts, or exchange awkward smiles than spend money they don’t have.  They could care less if anyone gets any gifts as long as there is still money left in the bank when the holidays are over and no new debt to worry about.  The saver is more concerned about tomorrow and is alright with the thought that there might not be a tomorrow because if there isn’t they won’t be here to regret it anyway.

I think everyone would agree those are different extremes and neither is healthy financially or relationally.  The key is communication and compromise and the craziest thing happens when we do that effectively – everyone gets to be happy.  There is POWER in working TOGETHER.

How will YOU decide what gets funded for Christmas this year?

Use this tool and come up with a “his”, “her”, and “reality” plan using the three different tables to decide how much will be spent on Christmas and on who or what will it be spent.

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