Christmas Plays

I’ve been to a lot of Christmas productions in my time. I mean – if you know me at all you know I’m a preachers kid and I have been in church enough to have seen it all. For the last 4 years or so I’ve been going to NewSpring. They don’t do Christmas productions of any sort. They would probably agree if I said they are anti-Christmas-Play. They DO NOT participate in such stuff. I can understand why – because it isn’t “part of the vision”. Ok Ok – I’ve heard it and appreciate the position and quite frankly based on the history I’ve had being involved in Christmas productions I could care less if the church I go to doesn’t do one.

BUT… I found some Christmas spirit this year and actually attended another churches Christmas production. It was at Rock Bridge and it was really very good. What a wonderful mix of ‘secular’ Christmas traditions and ‘Christian’ Christmas traditions. It was so nice to see a church put on a program that inserted the true meaning of Christmas in to settings that are up to date in our culture (or as I like to put it – not old school).

Thanks to my little brother (Matthew Asbell) for inviting me. He was in the production and he even had a short solo singing part that made us all so proud. Next year I think they should get him in with one of the dancing groups. Ballet or Tap – either one will amuse me.

Great show Rock Bridge!! 

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