Credit Driven Economy

I don’t understand our economy at all. Why in the world are we so credit driven? In the midst of our terrible financial crisis I am still receiving credit offers in the mail. I haven’t opened any new credit in 5 years. We went through a tough time when our credit score became trbl (that’s Charles Barkley for terrible). Our score is just now beginning to get better but shouldn’t we still have big red flags on our history that would prevent lending agencies from being so eager to lend us money that we don’t even want? It makes me worried that the lending and credit problem in our society isn’t going to be fixed despite this $700 billion bailout that is so necessary to get these fools out of trouble and prevent our economy from collapsing.

I have to admit Shawna and I have learned the hard way about getting over our head, but we learned and stopped borrowing. How do I know everyone else has learned and will stop calling the 800 number to get the loan on the mailer they received – KNOWING they can’t afford to pay it??? How do I know our economy won’t be in this same situation or worse in just a few months or years when more debt goes bad and wall street is on the verge of disaster again? God help us through this mess – forgive us for being bad stewards – thank you for providing for our needs – please give us and our legislators wisdom in our financial decisions. 

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