Daddy’s Barber Shop

For as long as I can remember cutting my hair has been an at-home job.  There have been times when I had it cut at places like Great-Clips or by people I’ve known through the years who are barbers or beauticians.  But for the most part when I lived at home my mom cut my hair.  Then when I moved out to college I learned how to cut my own hair.  Now that I have a son I cut his hair too, thus the fun nickname “Daddy’s Barber Shop”.  We’re able to save a fairly significant amount of money over time by doing this.

There are basically 3 reasons I cut mine and Devin’s hair:

  1. I like the way I cut it – I’m never as satisfied with a haircut as when I do it.  Other people do a good job, but no one ever meets my hair-cut expectations as well as I do.  It might have a little bit to do with the fact that if I mess it up it’s my fault and I’m ok with that better than I am if someone else messes it up.  Yes – that would be the control freak deep inside me manifesting itself.
  2. It saves time – Mine and Devin’s haircuts normally take place at 8:30 or 9:00 at night which is just in time for a shower and bedtime.  I don’t have to go wait in line at a barber shop during their business hours (which are also my productive hours), and I don’t have to leave with hair all over me for hours.  I get straight in the shower.
  3. It saves money – Let’s say Devin and I each get our hair cut every three weeks, or 17 times a year.  It would cost at least $15 for each of us at Great Clips, so $30 total 17 times a year.  That’s a total of $510 per year that we are able to save by cutting our hair at home.  Not too bad.

Let’s think about what I am able to do with my saved time and money.  I can justify a $50 per month cable bill with the saved money and have an extra 30 minutes to an hour once every three weeks to actually watch a cable TV show.  I could afford five pairs of really nice basketball shoes every year and have that extra time to actually play basketball (insert hunting or fishing or whatever suits you in the spot where I put basketball).  Or maybe I can justify having a $30 per month smartphone data package with my savings and use the extra time to play Angry Birds or something…

One advantage I have is I don’t have a pretty-boy haircut so it isn’t that hard for me.  But there are a lot of guys who don’t have a pretty-boy haircut yet they go to the barber anyway.  Why not do it yourself or let your wife give it a shot.  What’s the worst that could happen?  If it gets messed up then go to the barber and let them fix it.  It’ll grow back – hopefully.  Don’t be so prideful about your hair guys – it ain’t all that.

In case the ladies aren’t interested in this post I’d just like to throw out that Daddy’s Barber Shop doesn’t require spending money to save money, unlike Kohl’s “Savings”.  Just sayin  🙂


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