Disneyworld Secrets

Another quickie. I have this google adword stuff set up on my site becuase it’s a good way to make pocket change. Once in a while I’ll look at what is popping up on this site as advertisements because I don’t like it when the “web crawler” (evil artificial intelligence) scans my site and posts an ad for something opposite of what I’ve written about (aka – advocating the “d” word I’ve written about or lawyers who help with it). Let me put this disclaimer on here for the web crawler – I said I look at what is popping up as ads but I don’t click on them. I’m not allowed to because then I’m paying myself for my own clicks and that will get me in trouble.

Anyway this isn’t turning out as quick as I thought. I noticed an ad for this site so I copied and pasted it in to a new window (you can feel free to click on the google ads – I won’t get in trouble for your clicks – in fact I get some pennies for your clicks so check some of the ads out and let me know what you find). I didn’t read all the marketing copy but it looks like a good deal – $20 bucks for some info that could save me thousands. Shawna and I did pretty good on our trip to Disney but we only got 2 day passes to the parks. Next time we’d like to get 7 day passes and stay in Orlando for 2 weeks but that’s looking a bit in to the future (I will not be going to those parks 7 days out of 14 with two children under 5 yrs old). The info this lady is selling might be something we’d like to purchase for future reference. Thought it was worth sharing in case you might have plans of your own…

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