We just got back from Disneyworld!!! It was a very exciting time. If you didn’t know that’s where we were I apologize. I deliberately didn’t say anything about it online for obvious security reasons – even though we had a house-sitter.

Devin and Skyler are 4 and 3 and their cousin Gauge is 5. Let me tell you they had a blast. Here is their picture at Animal Kingdom with Mickey (left to right is Gauge, Skyler, Devin, and of course Mickey in back).

We went to Magic Kingdom one day and Animal Kingdom another day. I think they all liked Magic Kingdom the best (especially Skyler because that is where the princesses were and she can never get enough of them), but Devin seemed to like the Animal Kingdom better than Skyler and Gauge. I think he’s going to be an adventurous wild at heart outdoorsman and extreme sports kinda dude.
I’ve got a ton of stories to tell from the trip that I will have to start putting into writing but for now I couldn’t wait to say we had a blast. We’re back. Glad to be home. Buried in email, regular mail, and other catching up. Can’t wait to share so much more. Stories and pics to come.

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