Divorce Rate

I heard on the radio that the divorce rate we’ve been hearing from the media for about 10 years isn’t actually as bad as it sounds.  There are two reasons why.  The census is the source of that statistic and they had an error in their count (I didn’t hear the detail of that but it had something to do with how many people were reaching their 25th anniversary).  Also affecting the numbers is the fact that less people are actually getting married – more people are just living together.  They said the divorce rate is actually better than it was in the 70’s and has been getting better ever since then.  Why am I pointing this all out?  Two reasons. 
1.       If the census screwed up how they were measuring it in the first place I wonder if they actually took in to account how many people’s spouse DIED before their 25th anniversary. 
2.       Regardless of whether or not it is being measured right I think marriage is still a wonderful thing and there is still hope for people who want to have a successful marriage – despite whatever the census and media say.

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