Don’t Be The Cable Customer In DIRECTV Commercials

Have you seen the DIRECTV commercial where they’re making a case for not having cable because the guys with cable have one terrible event after another happen in a series of attempts to rid themselves of the frustration they’re experiencing by being a cable commercial?  Sometimes we do that in our marriage.

  • After three calls in three minutes with no answer you begin to wonder if your spouse is ok, so you go looking for them, get a flat tire, get beat up and mugged by a shady passer-by, and end up in a ditch with no wallet.
  • Conversation becomes dry and reserved so rather than talk about it and find out what’s going on we start wondering are they happy, are they cheating, have they blown up our bank account?  Immediately you begin taking measures to investigate, spy, and hide money – suspecting the worst.  Then it turns out they’re just having a hard time at work and have had a lot on their mind.

Maybe talking about the awkward moments will help.  Try saying “Is everything ok?”, “You seem preoccupied”, “Would you like to talk about it?”  Try something other than making assumptions that lead you down the same sort of path as a cable customer on the DIRECTV commercial.

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