Easter 2007

Great Easter Weekend. Here are the highlights.
  • My family came to town. We spent some good time together. Dad helped me fix the dryer. We ate, went to church, etc… Lenny hung out w/ my family Friday night. That was fun. Tathie, his wife, should have been there.
  • Our church had 10,700 in attendance this weekend – www.newspring.cc. Amazing. I think my family is amazed all over again each time they come.
  • We had an Easter egg hunt and cook-out with Chris & Elizabeth Cashion’s family. It was a blast. Randy took us through some trails on their land. We were on a trailer behind his jeep and there was mud. Key word being “behind”, “jeep, and “mud”. Yeah, we got filthy. Shawna thought she would be real cool and duck her head under a blanket. Well she had to bend over to get her head under there which put her butt in the line of fire. When the ride was over it looked like she had pooped her pants – really bad.

Good times, good times.

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