Eventful Birthday Party

We had an awesome birthday party planned for Devin. It was going to be at the oustide ‘Water Works’ area at the YMCA. When we realized earlier in the week that the water has already gotten too cold outside we decided to do the party in the inside pools with this huge inflatable toy they put in the pool. Then right before the party the thunderstorm started, so we couldn’t get in any of the pools. So we took all the kids in to the gym and lowered the basketball goals. Most of the kids still weren’t big enough to shoot a basketball goal high enough to get it in there. Some dads were helping but most of the kids just decided to run wild all over the place making up their own games as they went. It was all good – nobody cared that we weren’t getting to go swimming. Then there was a tornado warning. Everyone in the building was herded in to the locker rooms to wait out the storm. By the time we got out of there we just went to the party room and had pizza and cake and let kids run wild some more. It was crazy but definitely memorable. The most eventful birthday party I’ve ever been a part of… 

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