Everyone Is Going To Hurt You

The other day on facebook I read a very wise statement of truth about relationships.  The statement was made by a college-age young lady who is apparently dating now and has had some moments of hurt in that process.

(I’m so glad to be married rather than single and dating, and I feel so old because it doesn’t seem that long ago that this young lady was the age my daughter Skyler is now. She will remain nameless here because I’m a dad and her dad is my friend).

Here’s what she said – “Everyone is going to hurt you.  You just gotta find the one worth suffering for.” WOW – that is so true not only in dating/marriage but also in real friendships that are worth having.  No one is perfect.  We’re all going to make mistakes and hurt those around us eventually, even if it is in small ways.  Finding those worth sticking with and suffering for is key.

If that statement wasn’t enough she also wrote another post worth quoting that says, The greatest thing in life is finding someone who knows all your mistakes and differences and still finds you absolutely amazing.”

I’m so glad my wife suffers and fights for our marriage.  I suffer and fight too but I’ve done more than my share of hurting in the relationship.  The key to the statement “find the one worth suffering for” is that should be a two-way road.  Anyone who is dating someone who doesn’t understand that should go ahead and move on like the young lady who made that statement.  It seems she has a foundation of wise principles to build on, and it just so happens she has apparently found the one because she is recently engaged.

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