Fabulous Anniversary!

This past weekend was mine and Shawna’s 7th wedding anniversary.  We enjoyed ourselves so much the only word we could use to describe it was fabulous (Shawna said it first and I thought it was appropriate).  I want to share some details about what we did and encourage every man I know to take advantage of this deal – it is so worth this investment in your relationship.  After I read that the 7th anniversary is so critical I was determined Shawna and I were going to enjoy our 7th anniversary somehow or another.  That’s when Shawna found this deal… 
Headquarters Day Spa and Hyatt Regency, both in Greenville, are somehow partnered up and offer a Relaxation Package
The full body massage was a first for me so I don’t have anything else to compare it to, but it was fabulous.  Shawna has had massages before and said that what she got was better.  She said even if the massage was about the same the atmosphere was better at Headquarters Spa than at the place she has been before.  I like to give Shawna massages sometimes but I am no pro like the ladies who massaged us and there was just something definitely more relaxing about us both being pampered at the same time in the same room and neither of us doing the work.
The hotel room was the nicest I’ve ever stayed in, and I’ve stayed in some fairly nice places.  There was actually a catalog in the room that showed what the stuff in the room costs (I guess they know you’ll like it so much you’ll be curious how to get the stuff).  I don’t know if it was the $1500 king sized mattress or the six $70 pillows that made it the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in.  There was a flat screen TV, a huge window that looks out to the streets of Greenville, comfortable chairs/table/desk etc.  I could go on and on about the nice stuff, but then there was the service.  They took care of our parking, gave us vouchers for their restaurant for the excellent breakfast buffet, and brought chocolate dipped strawberries and bottled water (we got water b/c Shawna is pregnant and didn’t want the champagne they offered) to our room.  All of this was included in the price – ALL OF IT.  We didn’t have to pay gratuity or taxes or anything.  The total price is the $299 listed on the link I provided above. 
While we were there we enjoyed our favorite things to do in downtown Greenville (which is right where the Hyatt is – right on Main St. in walking distance to everything).  We went to Lemongrass, our favorite Thai restaurant, to Marble Slab for dessert, and to the Reedy River Park. 
This was the best anniversary we’ve had.  We will definitely be recommending the relaxation package to everyone we know and we will definitely take advantage of it again.  It is so worth it!

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