First Impressions

Hopefully you believe in the importance of first impressions and networking with people. I don’t stress first impressions as much as a lot of people do because I think it is important to just be who you are, but I still think following some general guidelines to convey a good first impression (whatever you want your first impression to be) can make a difference in whatever you’re doing. Since I have a sales job and I’m involved in a network marketing business (and I do networking for other interests as well) I take note when I have the opportunity to read something about how to network properly. So I took some tips from Michael Masterson on First Impressions. Here ya go:

1. Make yourself feel positive and allow that feeling to be reflected in the way you hold yourself.

2. Make eye contact. Always look the other person directly in the eye, even if only for a moment.

3. Be the first to smile. Let your smile, as well as your body language, show that you’re happy to see him.

4. Make your “Hi!” or “Hello!” sound sincerely welcoming.

5. Take the lead. Extend your hand first.

6. Shake his hand strongly. Shake it like you mean it. Remember, your handshake provides an instant message about you. Are you an important person? A friendly person? Someone who can be trusted? Answers to these questions – and more – can be conveyed by your handshake.
Ask a few trusted friends or colleagues to check out your handshake. Make sure the signals you are giving are those you intend. If they aren’t, make changes.

7. Lean toward him. An almost imperceptible forward tilt will very subtly indicate your interest in and openness to the other person.

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