Forget the Food Pyramid

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Forget the Food Pyramid – Here’s My Simple Formula for Getting Lean
By Al Sears, MD

In 2005, the government issued its latest food pyramid. You’ve probably seen it – but if you haven’t, you’ll soon get your chance. Over 2,000 supermarkets in 17 states are planning to promote it in their stores.

The “new” food pyramid – like the old one – suggests that you eat more grains and carbs than anything else. And, not surprisingly, the big food makers are footing the bill for this “public service” campaign. (When you’ve spent that much money lobbying politicians to support your high-carb, highly processed, artificial-food-substitute products, why not cash in?)

But don’t be fooled. Following this unnatural high-carb diet, while ignoring protein and healthy fats, will only make you fat, sick, and tired. Instead, follow my simple formula for getting lean:
High Protein + Low Carbs + the Right Fats + Regular Exercise = Fat Loss

Increase Protein: Quality protein is the key to good nutrition. Protein promotes muscle growth and increases the burning of carbs and fat for energy. Fish, lean meats, eggs, dairy, beans, and nuts are all good sources of protein.

Decrease Carbohydrates: Starches are a main cause of obesity. Limit your consumption of anything made from grains or potatoes. Get your carbs from unprocessed vegetables that grow above the ground.

Eat Natural Fats: Most modern fat is a health nightmare, but getting enough omega-3 fats is essential for good health. Eat unprocessed vegetable fats from avocados, nuts, and virgin olive oil. Avoid corn oil and all hydrogenated oils. Get your animal fat from grass-fed red meat, wild fish, and eggs.

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