Free Tax Filing

I just finished filing my taxes FOR FREE!! About 4 or 5 years ago I started using TurboTax to file my taxes because I was tired of paying H&R Block hundreds of dollars to sit in a cubicle with a person who didn’t seem any smarter than me and answer questions that they were prompted to ask by a computer system. I figured I could do that myself and decided to try TurboTax. Since then I’ve gotten larger returns because their system does such a good job helping you find your maximum deductions, and I’ve paid less for it – under $100 a year.

BUT THIS YEAR IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Since I read several blogs, some of which are money-specific content, I read more than once that you can get TurboTax service for free by going through State Farm. All you have to do is have accounts with State Farm, have online access to those State Farm accounts, and click the link to TurboTax right from the State Farm site. It was just as easy as always, and TurboTax has REALLY improved their application more and more every year to make it easier than ever. It is especially easy after the first year because they transfer all your info from year to year.

I’m just extremely thrilled that I got it for free this time. Now I can’t wait to get my return so I can pay for baby Kylee (who is due pretty much any time now). If you are a State Farm customer I highly recommend getting online access so you can take advantage of free TurboTax. And if you’ve never used TurboTax I highly recommend you do – it’s really great. 

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