Free Ultrasound

Shawna is going on 18 weeks now. I mentioned before she is going to a mid-wife person this time. The midwife uses Greenville Tech for their ultrasounds because they let her patients get them free or something. Shawna’s appointment with Greenville Tech isn’t until sometime in November because they’re so booked up, so we’ve been kinda bummed that we’d have to wait so long to find out if there is a brother or sister for Devin & Skyler.

It is so nice to have friends like Tathie Baughman. She was listening to His Radio and heard that Piedmont Women’s Center is doing some kind of ultrasound training and needs some pregnant volunteers to come in for free ultrasounds so they can do their training. Tathie called us and told us about it and we called to set it up (the person to call is Trish Dillard @ 864-979-4631 in case you or anyone you know wants to take advantage of this offer).

So now we’re very excited that we should know what we’re having next week!! Isn’t that exciting??? 

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