Friday 13th

Ok, the title is misleading. I never even saw those movies because they came out when I was still young enough to live under my parents roof where there was at least a perception that we were being sheltered from all evil. But I’ve heard other folks tell of how their lives weren’t nearly as peachy as mine growing up, so I guess I’m fortunate to have parents who cared.

Now that I’m older and more mature I find myself watching crap that I would have never been allowed to watch as a youngster. I just have to be careful that none of it causes me to cross the boundaries I like to keep control of regarding sexual impurity and taking the Lord’s name in vain (I can’t stand it when movies use GD – totally unnecessary).

I love movies though. Never knew it was such a passion until a few years ago when I started spending time with other guys who like movies (my friend Lenny and his son Christian, and my brothers-in-law David and Kyle).

Anyway…. this is really random. I’m in the mood for a freaky scary movie on this infamous date. Any suggestions??

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