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k, so we’ve got these new friends we’re enjoying getting to know better so I’d like to talk about them a little bit. You might know this guy, Orion Irby. Well, he isn’t really a “new” friend, more of an “old” friend. Not that he’s “old”, well older than me. Really it’s just that we knew each other a few years ago from going to the YMCA at the same ridiculous time of morning (dude can shoot a basketball but he won’t admit it) and then just happened to cross paths again at the greatest church on earth that you’re all probably tired of hearing me talk about – NewSpring. It was kinda hard to miss him in the endless crowd of people cause he was on stage – playing drums.

Ladies don’t get too crazy. I know he’s a bit of a rockstar, but he’s taken. Meet his wonderful wife Kimberly. Kim is so sweet. I didn’t know her before we ran in to them at NewSpring, but I’m glad to know her now. She and big-O together make Shawna and I laugh. Orion is so witty and Kim is so tolerant. She doesn’t miss a beat when O makes one of his smart alleck comments. This is an awesome couple. They have two beautiful little girls 5 yrs old (Alex) and 1 yr old (Sam) and a puppy named Quincy.

Our kids play well together for the most part. I mean Devin doesn’t get too upset that he’s the only boy in the group and Skyler doesn’t realize being called “the 3 yr old” by a 5 yr old is like a little kid cut down or something.

I think Orion is the greatest drummer I’ve ever seen. Not because he can do tricks better or worse than anyone else (although he is very good technically) but because he does it with style and feeling that it takes a very special talent. Not only is he talented. I think it is a God given annointing when a musician has the ability to express worship musically AND connect with anyone watching in a way that allows them to freely worship too. I’ve heard several people say the drummer is their favorite part about the music at NewSpring. If you’ve ever heard NewSpring’s band that is a major statement because they all rock. Go check out some of the service videos on NewSpring’s site and see for yourself. He isn’t playing in every service any more, but almost all of the ones previous to March 07.

That reminds me of a funny story. Recently Orion was chillin out in the lobby between services and lost track of the time. He blames it on me because we had just bumped in to each other and started talking, but dude was late getting back up on stage. I’m from a pentacostal background so I’ve seen some people run in church, but Orion won an unofficial gold medal that day in the 100 yd dash.

Last week we went and hung out with Orion and Kim at the first of a new social event they’re having in downtown Anderson where there was a band. They were good if you like the kind of music they do, but their drummer was wiggin me out – wierd (I should have taken a picture). So I was once again reminded of the excellence of big-O on drums. He could have made the freaky Blue Dog drummer look like a middle schooler taking lessons from a blind deaf amputee – just my opinion. Anyway, enough about drums that I don’t know as much about as I talk like I do…

We’ve been enjoying some time with these folks and some other new friends (Matt & Rea, Gizz & Jessica) hanging out on Friday nights a little bit. I’ve boosted everyone’s ego when playing games because I can’t draw like I used to, I don’t do acting very well, and I don’t have a lot of useless knowledge in my brain. I try to play along even though there are moments where I’d like to call em all outside for some sport, any sport, as long as I can stomp em at it. I can’t wait to plan a gathering with more of all our friends all together at once. The game mafia comes to mind and it will be a late night. It’s gonna be a blast if we can ever make it happen.

Memories in the making…

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