Friends – Serve Each Other

Recently I did mulch in my flower beds. My friend Chris Brabham came and helped me. What a blessing because I didn’t have to do it all by myself and I had someone to talk to while I did it. Not to mention it is always nice to spend some quality time with friends. I loved it.

Then the very next weekend I had the opportunity to give of myself by helping my friend Ray Orzechowski with mulch. This time I recruited help from our friend Jeff Southerland and we did it while Ray wasn’t even home. He was surprised. It was fun.

The best part of the time we helped Ray is that Jeff and I were just talking away while we spread mulch, then when we got finished we realized we still had a lot of mulch left. We stood around and goofed off for a few minutes and debated a couple of times about what we should do with the extra mulch. Thank goodness we didn’t just start piling it on thicker before we noticed the two more huge flower beds out away from the house. We laughed off and on for about 10 minutes. It was hilarious. We didn’t tell Ray about it though. He would have never let us live it down.

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