Funny Mother-In-Law Story

My mother-in-law, Grace (aka GG), came over to help us with the kids and the wedding Shawna was working on the week before the wedding date. So lots of funny quirky mother-in-law stuff happened.
(I’m very blessed to have a wonderful relationship with my ‘in-laws’. They’re not ‘in-laws’ at all. We’re all just family. If we weren’t the following story might not have been so funny…)
One night GG and I were driving the kids home from the rehearsal dinner. Shawna wasn’t with us because she had to stay late to help the bride with flowers and such, so GG was sitting in the front seat beside me and the kids were in the back of course. Sometimes as we’re getting close to our house the kids will say “Drive crazy Daddy!” They like it when I jerk the wheel back and forth and tap the brakes to make the van feel like it’s bouncing all over the place. They get the biggest kick out of it and I love to hear their little laughter, so I like to ‘drive crazy’.
I’m used to having Shawna in the seat beside me when I do this, and I think Shawna is used to what I do and knows to hold on really good. GG – not so much. As I pulled in to our street I gave the wheel one big jerk to the right, so GG swayed really far to the left. The kids are laughing so hard I’m getting tickled. Then I yanked the wheel really fast to the left, causing GG to change directions and sway really really hard to the right. Her head slammed in to the side of the seatbelt thing that is behind your shoulder. If it had been the window it would have broken, but probably wouldn’t have hurt as bad as that knob thing that adjusts the seatbelt height.
It really did hurt her head but she was ok, so I laughed hysterically for about 5 minutes.

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