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One of many trends we notice about financial coaching is people are requesting appointments but then either not showing up, postponing over and over, or canceling completely. A year or so later they come back desperate for help but they’ve waited until it’s TOO LATE!

Shawna and I were talking about this dilemma and recalled that we were on our very last straw when we finally got help.  But the difference was we didn’t know how or where help was even available.  Our church, NewSpring, had not even started their personal finance ministry when we were hitting rock bottom.  Joe Sangl had just been hired there but we didn’t even know about him or what he was going to be doing.  It was God’s timing that NewSpring started a personal finance ministry and Joe showed up right after we hit rock bottom.

There are tons of people who are learning about personal finance ministry for the first time right before or after they are hitting rock bottom. THOSE ARE NOT THE PEOPLE I’M TALKING ABOUT! The people I’m talking about are people who have known that there are resources (books, classes, one on one coaching) available and they’re choosing not to take advantage of them or reach out for help in any way until it is way too late.

The Underlying Reasons For Not Getting Help:

There are lots of excuses for not getting help, but they mostly lead to one of the following underlying issues.


Whether broke or wealthy pride prevents people from getting a coaches advice because people are either unwilling to be transparent about the true situation or they’re too arrogant to take advice from anyone.  Either way it is unhealthy pride.


Some are putting off getting coaching because their heart just isn’t right about money yet.  They haven’t surrendered to the fact that God owns it all, we are just managers, and we have to honor God with how we use what he’s given us to manage.  They’re proving that their money follows their heart as the choose bad financial behavior over Godly discipline.


This is so rare most probably don’t know what I mean.  Believe it or not there are some who have legitimate concerns about trusting volunteer coaches.  BUT, before anyone runs to this conclusion they should seriously wrestle with these questions.

  • What evidence is there that the coaches can’t be trusted?
  • Have the concerns been discussed with the church leadership?
  • Has financial advice been sought elsewhere?

If there is no good answer to those three questions I would have to argue that pride or heart is the real issue.

If you or anyone you know have been putting off getting needed help please don’t put it off any longer.  There’s not much a coach can do to help when the mountain of debt is out of control and the house is already in foreclosure.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Get help now!


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