Giving Food

A few times a year NewSpring asks everyone to bring non-perishable food items to church. We normally load up several small trailers or large moving trucks with food when we do this. It is normally for a local cause or for something specific like hurricane Katrina victims, etc. Shawna and I have found the best place to go and buy for these food drives. In fact we buy there ourselves sometimes because you can get such good deals.

The place is Bargain Foods in Pelzer. From NewSpring you go towards the jockey lot except when you get to hwy 29 you head north and then you take hwy 20 toward Williamston and Pelzer. You’ll make a right turn right before the Bi-Lo when you get to Pelzer then just keep going through town and over the river. Before long you’ll notice the big grocery store building in the middle of nothing off to the left. That is Bargain Foods.

I don’t know much about the place. They get tons of food that has either been dinged at the major chain stores (dented cans or damaged boxes, but the food is fine), or it is food that was way over stocked at the chain stores. The prices vary depending on what it is, but a lot of stuff is about 1/3 the price it would be at the chain stores. I’m not talkinga bout generic stuff either. It’s the same name brand stuff we pay ridiculous prices for at the chain stores. It is unbelievable.

When we go we usually fill up two cart loads of stuff like snacks and cereal for the kids and other items, but we’ve never spent more than $150 for two cart loads of groceries. To put it in perspective even at Wal Mart the stuff I’m talking about would cost $300 for two cart loads.

It is basically a warehouse with groceries in it and some back woods gospel music playing, but it’s worth the trip out there to save money on groceries.

Anyway… I’m saying all this to make a recommendation. If you’re reading this and planning on getting stuff for the food drive NewSpring is doing for the local Salvation Army then please consider Bargain Foods because I know you can get more bang for your buck there. More and more of us are joining the Joe Sangl crusade so we probably all have a dollar amount we’re able to allocate to buying food for the food drive. You can buy at least twice as much with that dollar amount at Bargain Foods and I’m sure Joe would support that decision…

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