Got a Will?

It is alarming the number of married couples who do not have a written will. This shouldn’t be the case. A written will is too important and too easy to get to not have it.

Why Your Will Is Important

This is going to sound like a life insurance sales pitch, but I don’t care. “God forbid something should happen to you, your spouse or both at the same time…”

  • A written will makes it clear what your wishes are for the care of your children under age 18.
  • A written will makes it clear what your wishes are for your estate and can be structured to optimize the tax position for your beneficiaries.
  • A written will can include your LIVING will to make clear what your wishes are if you become physically unable to make important decisions.
  • A written will is the only document that holds up legally to make these critical decisions after we die.
  • Why Your Will Is Easy To Get

  • Stores like Office Depot or Staples sell kits or softwares that are affordable and simple to use to create a will.
  • Good attorneys do wills for affordable fees (more costly than the do-it-yourself options, but worth it in my opinion)
  • A piece of crumbled up paper with handwriting and a notary seal is better than nothing and would likely be honored in a court of law.
  • Do These Things To Make It Official

  • Get two witnesses to sign it (people who are not family or close friends).
  • Name an executor (the person to administer the will and handle all the legal and financial details).
  • Get it notarized (it just makes it more valid).
  • Don’t go another day without it. GET A WILL!!!

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