Growing Up as Kids

I just read my pastor’s blog for today and just had to share it. I’m only a few years younger than Perry, ok maybe about 6 years younger, but I still remember what it was like to grow up. This lighthearted email he shares is sooo true.

We recently had an incident here in Anderson where a 3 year old opened the car door while it was going down the street. She got hit and killed. After a lot of thought I pretty pissed about this because the mom doesn’t even have a drivers license. But it wasn’t a matter of whether or not she can drive.

Part of me wants to blame the mother for not having the kid in a car seat, but I’ve been guilty of sneaking a trip to the store without my kids in a seat. So part of me wants to blame the mother for not being smart enough to use the child locks her vehicle was equipped with. But that thought got me thinking…… WAIT A MINUTE… When I was a kid we didn’t have car seats or child-lock. I sat in the front seat of all my dad’s chevy pick-ups through the years and I don’t even remember being made to wear a seatbelt. About the closest thing you could get to child-lock was to lock the door and screw off the little knob so kids couldn’t unlock it (my dad never did this but I saw other people who did).

When I was talking to my friend Lenny, who he and his wife Tathie raise their kids very freely if you will – the way our generation was raised, he used a term I’d like to borrow right now. He said something like “I guess when we were raised it was SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.” I don’t know if our childhood was as extreme as ‘survival’ of the fittest but we sure as heck didn’t grow up dumber than dirt with a remote in one hand, a game controller in the other, a 24oz soda between our knees, and a bag of chips on the coffee table.

Anyway, back to Perry’s post. Maybe I’ll write one of my own about this another day, but what Perry shares here is fun and frustrating to read – if you have kids. It is quite humorous but serious at the same time. What happened to letting kids be kids and learn some things along the way???

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