Halftime 2016

So, if you’re like me, at the beginning of the year, you set out to accomplish some particular goals this year. For most of us somewhere in the middle of February we start really slipping on those goals, getting behind, maybe even losing hope that we’ll be able to reach them. That’s unfortunate, though, because time and time again people who consistently reach their goals attribute their success to simply being disciplined and determined no matter what, even when things aren’t going well.

How are you doing? Are you reaching those fitness goals, financial goals, family and career goals? It’s very difficult, I know. If you’re like me there are some goals you’re making great progress toward, others not so much, and some not at all. It can be so demotivating to think about the failures, so I want to encourage you.

Whatever it is you’re striving to accomplish is not what defines you. Whatever it is that is holding you back from accomplishing everything you’ve set out to do is not what controls you. Unless you have quit God is not done yet. So don’t.

Maybe whatever you’re aiming for will take longer than you thought. Maybe the target will change a little bit. What are you learning in the process? Who are you becoming? What halftime adjustments are you going to make to keep working toward those goals?

It’s only halftime. There’s still time, and God is still capable of doing miracles on our behalf. Go do what you do.

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