Happy Father’s Day 2014

So I was reading this incredible post by Shawna’s uncle, Mike, and thought to myself, “I should do a little Father’s Day post of my own.”  The difference is, while Uncle Mile’s post is so beautiful and inspiring, I’m at a totally different stage in life with parenting (and anything else for that matter).

My kids are still young, completely dependent on Shawna and I, and constantly demanding on every single resource God makes available to us.  Sometimes we don’t know if we’re coming or going, and we certainly can’t predict with precise accuracy what the next day will hold, but we’re doing everything we can to enjoy every minute of it.

Uncle Mike’s kids are grown.  It would be naive of me to even hint at the idea of things being easier as kids are older and eventually all grown up.  In fact I  know it would be a stupid assumption even in my halfway-done-raising-kids experience.  When our kids were babies their demands of us were very different than their demands now.  I didn’t say easier – I said different.

Looking back at the past 11+ years of parenting there are so many things I don’t miss at all, and so many other things I would go back and do all over again.  There are some things I wouldn’t change for anything and others I would do completely different.  There are things I can’t believe we survived and others I can’t believe we were so blessed with.  I can only imagine what the next 11+ years will hold, and I can’t help hoping at some point it seems easier.  But I know it won’t be.  It’ll just be different.

In the meantime I want to do the best I can now, enjoying every moment, loving and teaching our kids every chance I get, pointing them to God and encouraging, equipping, and empowering them to become who He created them to be and pursue what He created them to do.  None of us are perfect.  We all make mistakes and unfortunately hurt one another in the process.  But regardless of where the journey takes us or how different it gets, as long as we’re alive we still have purpose as parents.

Much love to all the dads out there especially mine & Shawna’s.  Father God help me as I’m still warping my kids in my own ways:


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