How Many Gold Stars Do You Have?

gold-star“Am I gonna get like a gold star or something?”  That’s what someone recently said to me after they had made some progress towards some of the goals I helped them plan for.  I didn’t have any gold stars but I did give a pat on the back and an atta-boy

Shawna and I love Starbucks stars.  We go there more often than we used to now that we have one in Anderson, SC (don’t worry – we fit it in our budget and it’s probably not as much as you think).

Recently I took notice of some of the details of the star program.  One star is earned per transaction.  The stars expire each year on the anniversary of the date the card was registered, and with 30 stars comes gold status.  So if you let too much time pass you lose your stars.

We’d probably consider it childish or insulting for our spouse to literally give us gold stars, but whether we admit it or not that’s what we do – give each other stars.  For every act of love there’s a star awarded, and accumulating a certain amount of them gives us happy status.  The biggest challenge is doing enough acts of love to keep the stars from expiring so we don’t lose the happy status.

So – how many gold stars do you have?  Are you happy status right now?

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