I Love Anderson Part 2

I didn’t know until today that I’d be posting again on how much I love Anderson. I had to go to Atlanta today for a vendor demonstration. Since the meeting was just outside the perimeter in Marietta where I went to college I went early and drove around a bit. Part of me started to miss the high speed lifestyle I had when I lived there (and I’m not talking about the wild college stuff – I’m talking about the general fast pace of work and school and big city).

Those feelings went away really fast on my way home though. If you’ve ever lived or traveled through Atlanta on a Friday afternoon you know that if you are on any square foot of paved assphalt within a 50 mile radius of downtown Atlanta after 2pm you’re parked – not moving. It took me three and a half hours to make a two hour drive back home. I was ok for the first hour of traffic but after that I started losing patience.

By the time I got in the clear, which was almost in Commerce, I just had to get some frustration out of my system. Let’s just say the trip probably would have taken four hours if I hadn’t gone just a tid bit over the speed limit.

The only time we have traffic even near that frustrating here in upstate SC is if we’re trying to get through Greenville and somebody rams the middle wall like a nascar race, or if there is a home Clemson game and everybody waits til an hour before to cram in to such a small town via hwy 76 or 123. I love living in Anderson. 

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