I’d Sure Like To Say That…

I have a lot of things I want to share but my thoughts aren’t organized right now. There is a lot on my mind lately in many areas of my life. Many thanks to my pastors blog for encouraging me today just by getting me fired up. Punching in the throat – man sometimes I’d sure like to say that too.

If I could talk to Perry personally about this I would ask him how he might apply that level of passion in some situations I’m faced with in business. I share the passion he has about everything pertaining to the word and church and reaching people, but how do you blast through other situations with that kind of passion when you’re extremely vulnerable to, for example, a client or a boss, etc?? I could care less one little bit about being labeled cocky or arrogant, but my position gives me other things to worry about. I feel like a wuss for even writing this, but I suppose having two kids and a stay at home wife makes me feel much more vulnerable in situations where I know I should stand up, but the fear of losing that key client or my job altogether keeps me quiet.

You know – this is the problem with most preachers too – they’re vulnerable to losing their livelihood if they stand up or speak about something that might offend someone. They’re usually most vulnerable to the ones who should be listening the most. I have plenty of my own stories to tell about stuff like that from growing up with my dad being a preacher. I don’t know the details of all those stories but I know the impact they had on our family. My hat is off to Perry and NewSpring for having their checks and balances set up in a way that doesn’t make them vulnerable in the wrong ways to the wrong people.

But back to my situation… Unfortunately my daily world is quite different from Perry’s. Unfortunately I am vulnerable in ways no person should be and no person would have to be if everybody had a good heart. I believe God will provide but that doesn’t make it ok to be stupid does it? I’m sure there are things even Perry doesn’t say that he would like to. If it’s ok to be so wreckless why isn’t it ok to do it without limits? I guess it depends on each individual’s circumstances and vulnerability. Knowing what mine are how do I guage what is going far enough without being stupid? Or should I focus on getting myself a new set of circumstances?

Does anyone else have any input on this? Please do share.

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