I am so fed up with health insurance. Insurance is costing me a small fortune for our perfectly healthy family of 5 – and that’s on a high deductible plan. The monthly premium was raised over $100 when Kylee was born, and it’s going up another $35 I guess because I just turned 30. It’s extremely frustrating. We plan to go shopping for health insurance again. We might even raise our deductible even higher. What’s even more disturbing to me about insurance is all the fine print that says what is or isn’t covered. Have you ever read all that nonsense? It’s impossible to keep up with all of it to know whether or not you’re covered when something comes up. So I’d almost rather save money to bet on never needing it as opposed to paying money to bet on whether or not the insurance is going to honor a claim.

I can’t wait to see if any of the big talking presidential candidates are really going to do something about the screwed up health-care crisis in our country. It’s ridiculous. 

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