Intentional Relationship

When we’re dating we will pursue our significant other like they are the most important person in the world.  It’s really ridiculous what all we’ll do.  We’ll stay up all night talking, spend money we don’t have, neglect lifelong friends and family…ANYTHING to be together.

But once we’re married that focused attention tends to fade over time.  Real life together begins to happen and it isn’t always fun.  We take advantage of our spouses commitment to us by putting the relationship on autopilot.  All the things we did while we were dating become minimal efforts.

I don’t think any of us do this intentionally.  But that’s the problem – we’re not being intentional.  It is a trap.  It’s complacency and it’s dangerous.  Don’t let it happen to your relationship because if you do you’re likely to end up saying or hearing  “we’ve grown apart”, or “we no longer love each other”, or “I didn’t mean for this to happen”.

It’s worth the time, effort, and expense to be intentional with your relationship.  Have a conversation with your spouse and get on the same page.  Do it now!

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