It’s Soccer Season Again

It’s time for the intense competition of 4-6 yr old soccer. The edge of your seat don’t miss a beat high speed action we’ve all been waiting for.

I’m not coaching, at least not “head” coaching this time. Some of Devin’s friends are playing and their dads were already planning on coaching, so I gladly accept the opportunity to watch this season. I’ve offered my assistance wherever it might be needed, but all the calling and planning and scheduling and carrying heavy stuff will be up to the point men.

Some big news for this year is Skyler is playing. Yep. She has decided to extend her summer break from dancing and do soccer season. A couple of girls she knows are playing too so it will be interesting.

All together I think every kid on this team is going to know each other, which is completely different from my experience last year. A couple of kids knew each other but never more than 2 or 3. This year Devin and Skyler know probably 8 of the 12 kids that will be on the team.

Anyway, I’m excited soccer is here. I’ll miss the coaching part I did last year, but maybe the new dads will let me get involved just enough to satisfy my little need for involvement. At least I might be able to take good pictures this year…

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